Yazoo Toffee at the Mississippi Craft Show

Yazoo Toffee at the Mississippi Craft Show

If you are travelling through Yazoo City and your nose catches an amazing aroma in the air, you may be passing Yazoo Toffee Company, LLC.

The mother/daughter duo of Terry Vandevere and Brittany Ketchum are the creators and owners and tell us the new business started out as “just another item” in their local booth space. “Brittany wanted to add something different, and after tossing around a variety of ideas, we eventually came up with toffee.”

They started with the original recipe of Terry’s mother (Brittany’s grandmother), and came up with a version they really liked, after refining it through many trial and error batches. The delicious toffee was added to their booth in November 2011 and became an instant hit. So much so, that although these two industrious women already worked full-time jobs, their first December in business brought many long nights of cooking and wrapping to keep up with the demand. With the holidays successfully behind them, they realized it was time to get their license and an approved commercial kitchen. In April 2012, they were ready to start marketing, and attended their first Mississippi Market Show. We are happy to say that their customer base has been expanding ever since.

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By Monique Troth

Taken from Magnolia State of Mind 2013 edition.  The official magazine of the Mississippi Craft Show. www.magnoliastateofmind.com

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