Windham's Woodworks at Mississippi Craft Show

Windham’s Woodworks at Mississippi Craft Show

For most campers, when you’re in the woods and realize you didn’t bring a necessity, it may be time to panic. Not if you’re Steve Windham, of Brandon. “I have been working with wood for 48 years and counting! My dad got me started when I was about 9 years old. We would go camping and never take a cooking spoon because we would make them at the camp.” Years later, Steve began wood-turning and making furniture. Windham’s Woodworks is a collection of wooden art that is beautiful and useful, focusing on furniture, fine art pieces, and cooking spoons.

When it comes to his favorite pieces, the “bizarre series” dominates. Steve remembers, “There was a little face carving I did when I was a kid, and recently, I created a piece of furniture that was 80” high and 24” wide. Made of cherry, with glass doors and dove tail drawers, it had eagle claw feet and was fun to work on.” He goes on to describe how, in 2008, he turned a piece to get people to notice his work. Aptly named the Southwestern Eye Catcher, it is an urn of southwestern design with an opening in the front, filled with eye balls.

Like many creative souls, Windham doesn’t really describe himself as having a particular style, but likes to create “whatever comes”. He designs around the size of wood that he has on hand, and prefers wood because there are so many beautiful types. He has been influenced by (and doesn’t mind being compared to) Thomas Benton, Rick Anderson, and David Nagel.

So, what are his goals for the future? “Build a rocker for my wife, Ella, and die happy”.

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By Monique Troth

Taken from Magnolia State of Mind 2013 edition.  The official magazine of the Mississippi Craft Show.

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