Randam Art Painted Light Bottle

Randam Art Painted Light Bottle

Do you remember the last time you met someone you will never forget? The last person that made you “lean in” during a conversation so you wouldn’t miss a word? The last person that made your brain do cardio, and you were happy about it? I do. I remember. It was the day I met her…

Miranda Jordan grew up on her grandparent’s farm in Tasmania, Australia, where her artistic ingenuity blossomed.
“I was born with an innate love of, and fascination for, color! As a young girl, I learned about primary colors, and knew precisely how to create secondary colors using the liquid magic tucked away in my grandmother’s baking cupboard. I can still picture the cupboard that held the food dye, and the green step stool I used to drag to it in order to reach them. I’d play with that amazing stuff for hours, filling several glasses with water and watching as each droplet of dye hit the water. One by one, they instantly formed a tiny abstract work of art as it broke through the surface before dissipating, turning it from clear into a beautiful shade of some delightful transparency. I was also especially fond of the pretty colored foils and cellophane my grandmother’s Quality Street chocolates were wrapped in. I used to love looking through the transparent pieces and seeing how the world looked bathed in each color. I glued them onto pictures and paintings, and I guess that means I have always been interested in mixed media!”

Randam Art Painted Art on Glass

Randam Art Painted Art on Glass

As an inventive and introspective 13-year-old girl, she chose the name “Randam Art” for her extensive line of original, one-of-a kind, painted Art on Glass, Specialty Jewelry, and numerous other flights of fancy. “I love so many things, so many mediums, and so many colors (ergo ‘random’), and chose an anagram of my first name, making it Randam, with an ‘a’. The “I”, I concluded, was that part of myself I put into every piece I create. It made sense then, and essentially it still suits. Randam Art’s purpose has basically stayed the same: to create fun, colorful, and captivating creations to ignite your imagination!”

Miranda is an admirer of the works of Van Gogh but vividly recalls an unforgettable trip to Italy to see Michelangelo’s work. “The statue of David is amazing,” she says. “The detail is stunning, impeccable, and I lost track of time as I stared at every detail, down to the veins in his hands. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was breathtaking, as well. It completely enthralled me, and I could have stared at it for days. I imagined Michelangelo suspended upon his scaffold, working an inch at a time, to complete the entire image that his mind held. It took him 5 years to complete it, and he was truly a magnificent artist.”

When it comes to her own craft, she approaches her designs with reckless abandon, optimism, and trust. “I trust that whatever is in my mind will find its way out in the manner that it was supposed to. My mantra is if I enjoy creating it, then it is what it was supposed to be.” And at the very essence of this exceptional woman, there is an innate appreciation for all creations. “My favorite pieces of painted glassware are the damaged ones that I have kept,” she says. “I won’t sell them damaged, but I don’t throw them away either. I keep them as a reminder that there is still beauty and value in something that has imperfections.”

Randam Art Reliquary Pendant

Randam Art Reliquary Pendant

It should come as no surprise that this fearless female is much diversified. She loves music, her husband, music, photography, music, travel, and reading. I have never known anyone who loves tea more than she does. Did I mention she loves music? She has always wanted to race cars. She can recite the alphabet backwards. Oh, and she’s a cancer survivor.

She also has an intense love for animals. “My fur-kids are my world, and they come first. It is my sweet responsibility to care for them, a promise I have made, and they rely on me to keep that promise. In return they offer completely unconditional love and devotion, and unless you have had that kind of bond with an animal you won’t understand what I mean. If you have experienced it, you will know why there are no words to describe it.” She works tirelessly with numerous rescue organizations in various capacities. “Animal charities and no-kill shelters are dear to my heart. Animal lovers are my kind of people, and my goal is to someday be the person my pets believe I am.” Her desire is to contribute to finding loving, forever homes for animals that have been lost, abandoned, rescued, or surrendered. Some have been abused, neglected, and scarred. And just like her painted glassware that has been damaged but lovingly kept, she knows there is always something to treasure in the imperfections. 

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By Liz Walker

Taken from Magnolia State of Mind 2013 edition.  The official magazine of the Mississippi Craft Show. www.magnoliastateofmind.com

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