Alex North Photography at the Mississippi Craft Show

Alex North Photography at the Mississippi Craft Show

With a discerning eye and a keen ability to isolate a small slice of any scene, yet tell its entire story, Alex North continues to draw praise for his photography of Mississippi’s gulf coast. In a little over 3 years, he has not only educated himself, but launched a hobby into nothing less than a visual feast for the eyes.

“The difference between a snap shot and photo art is our expression in the photo. Own your photos by putting your heart into capturing the essence of why you pushed the shutter button.”, muses North. He also believes that leading lines are a key element in creating good photographic composition. “Did you tell your story by using the available natural lines to bring your primary subject in to the main view?”.

Savvy words and sage advice from a man who purchased his first “good” camera to capture his son’s high school graduation. They have been inseparable ever since. And, just like a woman who can’t live without great accessories, Alex can’t live without his favorites. “I shoot with a couple of Nikon DLSR’s”, he says, “and my tripod is a necessity. I shoot 90% of my photos from this tool.”

Alex North Photography at the Mississippi Craft Show

Alex North Photography at the Mississippi Craft Show

North feels that his work is improving, as he continues to learn and employ new techniques that define who he is as an artist. He strives for movement and drama in his photos, and relishes the actual hunt for an image, as he tries to find something unique and interesting in every day. “I try to capture things you don’t see, be it a stunning sunrise, Osprey fishing, or a bloom opening. My goal is to capture it as it is happening and share it with you through photography.“ You could also call him something of a perfectionist. “I always challenge myself to get the best image I can. Every year I go back to the same place to try and reproduce a better image than the year before.”

Alex reveals that he takes thousands of photos, to get a few. He strongly believes that his camera is a tool, and if you use the tool correctly there won’t be much post processing left to do. And that is one of many elements that speak to the genius of his skill. Alex North is color blind.

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By Liz Walker

Taken from Magnolia State of Mind 2013 edition.  The official magazine of the Mississippi Craft Show.

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