Ineke Pearson at the Mississippi Craft Show

Ineke Pearson at the Mississippi Craft Show

Ineke Pearson of Pearson Ceramics, Feathers and Flies, was born in Holland to a crafting mother.  In her early years Ineke wasn’t much of a crafter herself, with the exception of designing and sewing her families clothing.  But once she moved to Mississippi in 1982, that all changed.

Ineke began with woodwork, cutting pieces of wood with her husbands help, she then painted them. Her style was Dutch folk art, which is her inspiration.  After calling her mother and talking about all the crafting fun that was happening in Mississippi,    Ineke received a folk art book, a gift sent by her mother, to encourage art that represented  Ineke’s heritage.  It was then that she learned more about the history of folk art, which was done by fisherman in Holland during the winter months.  Ineke was drawn to the flowers, birds, and natural deep colors of her native folk art style.

After painting folk art on wood, Ineke aspired to learn what those colors and designs would look like on ceramics.  After forming, painting, and firing the clay, she decided that it wasn’t turning out quite like she’d hoped.  It did, however develop her love of ceramics!

Ineke Pearson's Exhibit Booth at the Mississippi Craft ShowToday Ineke continues her ceramic pursuits, but also creates other forms of art!  She now makes jewelry using beads that she makes from clay.  In addition, she has an amazing talent for creating one of a kind knitted shawls and scarves. Ineke enjoys crocheting hats for babies that include pom poms or flowers on top.  She also creates hats for adults, as well as a range of other fiber creations.  Each hat, large or small utilizes different yarns and threads to craft each unique item.  Putting to good use the skills she has amassed, Ineke also creates one of a kind jackets including knitted or crocheted pieces in each garment.  Her favorite piece she has ever created is a jacket that her daughter wears. To this day, her daughter still receives many compliments on the jacket each time she wears it.

Visit Ineke’s profile at Mississippi Craft Show website.

By Jess Delrie

Taken from Magnolia State of Mind 2014 edition.  The official magazine of the Mississippi Craft Show.

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