Betty Ramsey at the Mississippi Craft Show

Betty Ramsey at the Mississippi Craft Show

Art has been a lifelong love for Betty Ramsey. About 5 years ago, Betty was inspired by the art around her prompting her to create her jewelry business, Bangles and Baubles. As a young girl, Betty enjoyed painting by number.  As she grew, so did her art.  Betty has dabbled in sewing, gardening, faux finish, and cake decorating.  She’s had a lot of hobbies, but her jewelry is more than a hobby, it has become a business.  Betty’s jewelry consists mostly of wire wrapping.  She does very little soldering or gluing, preferring that the wire hold itself together.  Using 14 karate gold filled wire and sterling silver wire in all different gauges, each piece she creates is unique and beautiful.

In addition to the different types and gauges of wire, Betty uses gold and silver spacing beads, pearls, fossils, gemstones, old coins, and even vintage bar pins to create pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

Pendant by Bangles and Baubles at Mississippi Craft showThe Ramsey kitchen table has been commandeered for her creating endeavors and is really only cleared for Christmas or the rare party. The remainder of the time you will find it covered in bits and pieces of art in various stages of completion. Betty says she finds the process of wire wrapping and creating jewelry to be quite relaxing, but she would love to have the ability to twitch her nose and things would just be done.  While as bewitching as that sounds, she may not find creating as relaxing that way.  Betty is a mostly self taught artist, though she is quick to add that she has had lessons on chain maille and precious metal clay creations from fellow Craftsman Guild members.  Her as-of-yet-unattainable art is Russian filigree.  Filigree is a delicate kind of jewelry metalwork often suggestive of lace.  The word filigree derives from Latin “filum” meaning thread and “granum” grain. Very intricate and small, this technique requires patience and time.  Betty is working toward that goal.

By Jess Delrie

Taken from Magnolia State of Mind 2014 edition.  The official magazine of the Mississippi Craft Show.

About the Mississippi Craft Show

Mississippi Craft Show – August. The state’s only 100% Mississippi Handmade art and craft show. Featuring handworks from Mississippi craftsmen.

Handmade USA Show – March. The same quality handworks you expect at the August show from Mississippi craftsmen and also from across the region. All 100% handmade in the USA.

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